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1 JULY 2023

Walking out of the mists of a forgotten year, Jack O’Rourke has reimagined his place in the Irish music landscape with the release of singles ‘Opera on the Top Floor’, ‘Patsy Cline’, and ‘Sea Swimming’. There has already been significant national airplay. Jack has approached this new collection of songs with a sense of abandon, opening himself in some of his most emotionally raw songwriting to date. Focusing on the links between literature and nature, and going back to the piano and his folk, blues and ballad roots, with the story at the centre of the song, Jack writes about inspiration, the wildness of love, and healing from grief.

Jack's latest album Wild Place "has songs of love and loss, beautiful misfits, nature and wilderness," says Jack. "There's freedom and rage in there too, alongside questions on race, friendship, a still-Covid world, my dreams and sea swimming. The piano and vocal are centre, but there are elements of folk, roots, blues, Americana and chamber music." 

Jack will be supported by Robbie Raidan, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Dublin. Robbie began writing songs as a teenager and has been recording and producing his own music since 2012.

Tickets available to purchase on Eventbrite

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11 August 2023

"There is a simple lucid clarity to Sean Keane's singing voice which - like a laser - cuts through the cacophonous clatter and bang of a noisy world. He is a storyteller, whose voice is the sound of everyman; as ancient history [simultaneously]  as vital as a digital radio signal, winging its way across the heaven in search of new civilisations. Sometimes he can sounds as lonely as an emigrant standing on the prow of a ship taking him away from his native homeland and more times he can sound like a cyber survivor, full of strength and valour that provides comfort to those who battle unequally with the hostile emotional landscape of the modern world. Sean Keane is a touchstone of great singing tradition. He is the past, the present and the future."  Shay Healey, songwriter, broadcaster and journalist. Sean is also an ambassador for Safe Home Ireland, an Irish emigrant support service that provides a range of services to more than 2,000  people every year.

Tickets available to purchase on Eventbrite

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26 August 2023

Although reluctant to be defined by a specific genre, Mali admits to presently weaving a musical tapestry of mainly pop and folk into her songs, entwining her Irish roots with the more contemporary sounds of a 21st century singer songwriter.


Loving the flexibility of collaborating with different musicians, artists & song writers so that each song tells a different story, MALI ensures that her music or sound doesn’t become typecast.

Tickets available to purchase on Eventbrite

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